Our goal is to show fine jewellery admirers that their beloved pieces of accessories can be responsibly sourced and immaculately designed. Sourced from across the world, each stone in our collection stands for quality, uniqueness and highest sourcing standards.
Variety of stones are sourced from the specialised manufactures from Jaipur, Bangkok Chanthaburi, Brazil, Hong Kong, Italy, Taiwan and China. Diamonds are sourced from legitimate manufactures in Surat, Mumbai, Antwerp and Tel Aviv while pearls come mostly from Tahiti, Japan, China and Australia.
Once sourced, the colour stones, pearls and diamonds are assorted, different shades of colour pallets are created to match designs. Stones are cut in-house to suit the customised design needs. The globally accepted standard for describing diamonds 4cs - Colour, Clarity, Cut and Carat weight - are followed for assessing the quality of diamonds.
Our vision